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I like to write.
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It's exactly as the title suggests about this piece of work. It's just how I feel about certain things in this world
An ode to the bunnies of Westwood, a pleasure to know some of them. lol
Written by a true lyrical genius, I hope you like it :P
My friend was having a meditation session, and I transcribed what he said
I wanted to talk about what I saw behind those beautiful eyes of hers
I imagined my life as my idol, a very old friend of mine.
A poem that I felt went real deep with what I always think of myself.
A personal experience of one of my friends. Good story
This is a rather long poem, but you know, I love long poems
A poem about the emptiness of whatever you wanna think
Written for the future me, where what might happen.
A debate on marijuana and other points of interest shortened
A daughter nobody would want, a very sad story indeed
A story about a girl with brown hair, I thought it was quite touching
Reaping the benefits makes it so you can get the rewards you want.
I want the government to do something about the rising obesity problem in the U.S.
I felt like this poem went real deep for me, it pertains to my life.
This was written by my friend, and edited by me. It seems like it goes real deep
I wanted to make this story better, so I practically redid it to make it better
My take on what we should do about the supposed immigration problem in the United States
I'm trying to view the world in an optimist's opinion, because I am one myself.
I wanted to talk about what was currently happening in Egypt and what the U.S. should do about it.
I wrote this for a certain website, I made it up in like 2 minutes. I thought it was pretty good lol
I was bored one day and I just felt like writing something for a hot minute.
I wrote this a really long time ago in like middle school. I know, I wrote a lot back then
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