Carolyn Cordon

Carolyn Cordon
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I am a poet and writer, a dog lover and a person living with multilple sclerosis. I like to write interesting and inspiring things and doggy things too.
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When you mention creativity, people think you’re talking about painting, or something high flown. Most people say they don’t have to time for any of that arty-farty stuff. But creativity is not the same thing as Art, painting water colours or writing sonnets or anything like that...
Personally, I find it easier to believe in Aliens than to believe in God. I have seen a UFO but I have never seen God. Nor have I had any unseen contact with God, I've never felt God to be present with me. But I saw a UFO!!
If you have a phobia, it can have a large and unwanted impact on your life. I managed to get rid of my phobia, and I hope this may help you to get rid of your phobia.
Everyone wants to live a good life. Eating the right things can help you achieve this goal.
It can be frustrating and worrying when your lovely little puppy won’t eat. Here is a common sense approach to the problem, from a dog breeder of many year’s standing.
The thing that prompted this story was an incident from my past. I was in the city closest to where I live – Adelaide on a Friday morning. I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green so I could cross the road. Standing next to me was a man with a young child in a stroller, ...
I am a Dog Person for many different reasons. These are probably the best ten reasons why. This is a very biased look at Dogs and Cats. I am a Dog Person. If you are a Cat Person, well I’m sorry for you. You may well be sorry for me, that’s OK, I just think you’re wrong!
Some poems are extremely intelligent and serious. Some poems are deep and meaningful. But some poems can be very rude and funny - that's what limericks are and I love them!
Throw away your diet books and stop going on diets. Unless you are only wanting to drop a few pounds for a special occasion and it doesn't matter if the weight goes on again, you'll only end up feeling disappointed.
Editing is an essential skill to learn if you want to raise your skill level from good to great!
The choice of the best pet is an individual thing. This page gives reasons why the author prefers dogs rather than cats.
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