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Yon Maryono
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I work in social services particularly in disabled children. and writing as a hobby to avoid senile..
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Some cases, because the parents lack of understanding or lack of information about how and what to do helping their children with special needs may affect the "developmental delays" that does not have to happen
Married couple told me, when their newborn baby was diagnosed with down syndrome, they felt a great shock.; they felt did not believe the news, immediately ambushed sad, deny it, imagine the child will grow and develop differently with other children. Various feelings are raging wi...
The foundation of disable children where I serve as the foundation members is 42 years old; its existence is not because of the ability of management but solely God's help.
When I started to joint and serve the Special Education Foundation for children with profound disabilities and complex needs such as visual impairment (blindness or low vision) with the addition of hearing impairment, autism, and other disabilities, my first question is what happens w...
At the time watching The Idol contest on TV that aired in various countries , it turns out we watched the family intimacy of the participants is a key part of their success
Work is not only for the money and socialize but also looking for self-development. What happens when a lot of idle or empty time in our office because there are no jobs or task in it?
Many stories of divorce in the family, children less attention and affection of parents. Maybe we ask is there any happiness in the midst of the family?
To achieve a goal required a sacrifice such as money, times and efforts, but the value of the sacrifice depends on our appreciation to the goal itself
What is needed to reach a hope, keeps trying and does not despair; if all these efforts seem always fail, maybe what to do is find a way swivel and enjoy the process.
From era to era, the maintenance of the dead body without the spirit, or what is commonly known the bodies have been done as a tribute to the practice varies due to the influence of social, cultural and religious traditions
Understanding human suffering is important, because it is a fact that we can not avoid it. Precisely in the secular world believed no crisis no growth
Every religion has great days, such as Christmas day, Ied etc. Their followers usually have celebrated in prayer and religious celebrations. To celebrate it without change their life, causing great day just ceremonial or routine activity that is remembered every year without meaning...
If you are invited the President, surely you will take the time to fulfill the invitation. Are you taking the time for God who creates the universe if He invites you for watch and pray?
The atmosphere of joyfulness in life is often associated with a honeymoon, and the atmosphere of sadness or distress often likened to poisoning. In Fact, the sadness is given by the Lord as a virus or bacteria into the body to form antibodies
It is a symptomatic moment of our world at the present time, the lives just think of the world with all its offering, and forgot to have fellowship with God
Many marriages fail because they are lack of preparation in deciding to live together in marriage, both physically and spiritually
I find something positive when my son addicted to playing on line games
Happiness does not make us be grateful, but gratefulness will make a happy life
This is not a ghost story, but this is the fact that a cockroach can stir up and running more than one week even though his head is cut. Live without a head may also occur in the lives of believers
God is truly democratic, do not press or force the people obeyed; God may be as good parent who never ask for a reward of his love to his children
Sometimes we are afraid or worry the shadow of the future like a little bear that fear his shadow; in fact his parent beside him is always ready to save.
When we came to government offices to apply for something, we may face bureaucratic procedures and attitudes or behavior of bureaucrats that may be annoying
Some people may often get job transfer or mutation from one region to other region in their workplace. In my experience, the job transfer has influenced on children's education, even though education system has been set nationally by the central government.
We think that tomorrow always arrive, unfortunately we do not know what happen about tomorrow, may be that day never come to us
In my experience, there is the same factor causing of physical and spiritual paralysis. it is human greed.
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