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i love adventure,food and experiments and full masti.......
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Eddy is notorious youngster, he loves to create trouble especially by his word.He lies to other to have fun in their trouble on confusing states.This time he has created a trouble for himself,Is he gonna learn his lesson or he'll be same as he is??
What you see is not pleasant every time,what you feel is not always relaxing. Sometimes our senses play with us or its something else whose playing with our senses???? YOU NEVER KNOW.............
Corn poha is healthy snack and easy in consumption,its beneficial for kids as well as for other age groups too.
managing little things daily can help you to overcome big problem.
Samarth is busy in being successful,fulfilling his dreams and ambition.everyone has a family so does he too but in he's busy in chasing his dreams so much that he almost forgot that his parents wants him too.Does he came back??
Gaurav and Garima are colleague where Anjum and Aakash are newly wedded couple. 4 of them are met at hill station where Aakash and Anjum are on their honeymoon where as Gaurav and Garima are on their training.What happens next you never know.....
At old age when Maria knows that her life can end at any moment she decide to visit back her past to cherish those memories which she seeks uptill now.
Its about how we learn from small things from incidents that takes place in our life.Fights teaches us more than any other lessons as we learn from our mistakes............
Its has all the memories of my last years i spent at my college and as time is passing and soon i m gonna be graduate so i decided to collect all the memories in this diary.
[b]Short story of overcoming losses in life. Kavita and Avinash were happy together but life had different plans from theirs, Kavita lost Avinash in an accident and life changed.She lost her smile and happiness but on her birthday someone bought smile and life back to her ,find out by...
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