Kea Jones

Kea Jones
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Kea Jones is New York based columnist who likes to write about various buzz and current affairs in business world. Besides that she is actively writing reviews for various new local business houses, p
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Companies who are rapidly experiencing growth changes and expanding business should consider the option of outsourcing their call center operations to an external provider. By doing so, companies can enjoy increased savings, better customer service, and enhanced focus on more importa...
Find out more about the effects of poor website performance and learn to accelerate your Magento shopping cart software.
Black and white photos are making a huge comeback and photographers around the world are banking upon this mode for creating spectacular images. Despite being devoid of color, these images are timeless pieces of beauty in their own mystifying sense.
Philip Kotler, the marketing guru, once said “It’s more important to do what is strategically more right than what is immediately profitable.” In a world of options galore and products and services becoming homogeneous, the only route to survival is to differentiate your brand a...
When the confusion is between whether to install vinyl or wood fence there are certain important differences that the buyers must know. So let’s do a little comparison analysis and come to our own conclusions.
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