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A writer, a nurse, a learner.
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Recent pages by gfmas23

What does it mean to be an introvert in an extrovert world?
The start of my freelance writing career is the most exciting part of my life yet. Here are some tips to start you on yours.
How to maximize the use of a Canon Powershot A3300 IS digital camera: A simple considerably cheap gadget that can has a lot of cool features.
The Newfoundland dog has a colorful history of heroism, and its sweet nature and large size makes it stand out among canines. From saving famous people to loving the elderly, the Newfoundland dog is truly a one-of-a-kind gentle giant.
More than the inexplicable phenomena occurring in our surroundings, there is a wealth of strange things that happen in our bodies and in our minds. Among these are phobias.
The Philippines is known for a lot of things... including having a single man for a president.
The real world is a zoo... (My silent protest during one of the most angry moments of my life.)
I was so happy when I heard the News! The Philippines (my country’s) very own Puerto Princesa Underground River is officially one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature!
I try to understand and explain what is a fixed investment in this article. With all the talk of money these days, I figured we ought to know a little about this.
I wrote this for my friends living in very cold countries who rely on their heating systems throughout the year or most of it anyway. Play it safe guys!
An article on badwill... Knowing what it is could save your company.
Most people think they should loose some weight.. But when is the time NOT to exercise?
Is there such thing as a free lunch in business? An article tackling and describing what risk-free investments are for those wondering if these really exist.
Demi Moore, Nitrous Oxide, and something to think about...
Some simple tips on how to keep your skin healthy without having to spend so much on skin care products.
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