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All you need is to trust your mind and live a life that suite you and God
“We must not oppress others because we see; we can oppress them; one day, what you don’t expect will happen to you.”
The one of self made or the one with you before you where born? Could it be the one you are introduces to, or I love these and I want to be this? There is only one destiny, Close your eyes and look Inside you; you will find your destiny
The world is beautiful ‘’ truly ‘’ the world is ugly’’ truly’’ what ever you found inside is your gain: it all depends on you
Even when Jesus will come, is a place of judgement. Is either being cast to hell of being cast to heaven. Never say never, until you see the new Jerusalem
A man appeared saying, I have a golden sword and I can’t find it, can anyone help me find it? Anyone that fined it, I will give him/her the treasure of life.
Don't always forget some fact and realities and followed them.
That is when you understand your destiny and focus on it. You don't work too much, when you know and follow your destiny.
Choose you this day that which you will follow, is a seed.
The body that i have, what am i really doing with it, to have a perfect statue? I don't really know. Are you surprise of my words?
Just believe in your self. The best a man can do is to make something out of his life.
You might get lost, your heart will show you the right way’ no matter where
Time management is needed because as it is said, time waits for nobody, it just keeps on moving. Here i will be explaining to you in steps how you can easily manage your time everyday Create a schedule and write down deadlines on which you must achieve some task. You can do this throu...
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