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I am twenty-eight of age. I been writing since the age of thirteen. Started of with poetry and contests. I am a freelance self-published writer. I am the voice to all unspoken truth.
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Look who is back! But not really. I am now using wikinut as a promotion site for my writing. Since they want to false advertise pay. But there are plenty of legit sites that does take your craft more seriously and some with payment as well.
We as human being's deserve justice to be served. There are no categories on murderers. All consequences should follow in the end. The system seems to always remain to fail on justice. Racism is still among us.
There are alot of writing sites that offers payment but when it's time to deliver,we never see NO payments. Propaganda is indeed a crime. Some of this writing sites are a scam and will carry your creative composition as their own.
Love is not programmed to be easy. Love itself can be a "drug" so to speak. This can make us weak,but also stronger either way the outcome of it all. Never let someone get into your mind and make you believe that you will not free yourself away to overcome what has been bruised,b...
Remains of a skeleton were found hidden inside a plastic bin,inside a plastic bag and wrapped in a sheet. Behind a "false wall" in the basement in a vacant home in the town of Poughkeepsie,New York,twenty-eight years later.
The US has been spying on foreign embassies and missions which belongs to rivals and America allies by installing bugs and intelligence. This is how the US keeps tabs on all disagreements between them all. Snowden leaked document out, "fax bug."
Four women in Fort Lauderdale,Florida are accused of preying on men from bars that they picked up. Photos of these women were released. One of these women has turned herself in. There is $1,000 reward for anybody that comes forward with tips or clues on this investigation. You w...
Two souls holing on to each by creating their own comfort zone. Their comfort zone remains to be within each other mind and soul. Embracing their love through not only by words,but innocent actions. Actions speak louder than words. A gentle touch can be very soothing. A simple p...
Lauren Ashley,18,and Nathaniel Fuijita had a three year relationship,but ended with a breakup. Nathaniel was having trouble dealing with the breakup and Lauren knew this. Nathaniel was asking Lauren could she give him a second chance through a email.
Eight Year old Cherish life ended over the weekend by a man who pretended to show generous among the mother of the victim and the two other children. Never leave your child with total strangers. Never give your trust to complete stranger.
Metaphorically speaking of a butterfly representing someone who is ready for change and deticated to her new beginning of independent growth. While at the same time wanting to share her new found beginning with another butterfly. Will they ever find peace within them both as a whol...
Thirteen year old boy kills his five year old half sister wrestling. Mother was gone to the store leaving her kids unsupervised. Kids can't watch each other. This tragic happaned in the town of TerryTown on June 18,2013.
Four tragic shootings all took place in Omaha,Nebraska. A suspect was targeting one victim but ended up on a violent shooting spree. Which left lives lost and critically injured as well. Streak of violence from shootings and killing seems to spread like a deadly toxic poison. Thi...
A former college professor was arrested by mexican authorities. Walter Lee Williams was on FBI's ten most wanted list for child sex abuse.
Writing is very thereputic for me. I been blessed with a very talented gift to expand my mind. And to acknowledge to others what I have all knowledge upon. I am wise beyond my years. "Reborn into Another Galaxy" is not only my soon to be poetry book title,but has many meanings b...
Somebody you love so dearly can be the one to bruise you mentally and spiritually. You might ask yourself why you stay and not just go. Well let me tell you now,it's easier to say goodbye than autually moving on with your life. You must have that control over yourself in order to p...
Never make known broken promises. You're not only giving others hopes up but also your very own. Then there may be secretive promises among each other. If they trust you to hold this;then you should honor that as well. Promises may hurt in the long run. Some may not be strong enoug...
A Geisha Kimono is a traditional clothing by Japanese. These particular kimonos are very unique with a Geisha fashionable style.
We all have emotional baggage within us. The more we release our emotional tramatic baggage,the more silence we will endure in order to hear the pain of others. This segment explains the energy power of emotional release through yoga.
Romance lives through the souls who embrace the power of the desired passion. Romance seems to be lacking. I'm talking about that reality sweet romance. Not all that living in a fantasy and never happening type of romance.
An unplanned trip leads to an accident that will leave a mental scar on a young boy for life. When there is a child or children around,you must make sure all items of endangerment is properly put up for safety and out of a child reach. If not;then this is what is bound to happan.
Violence is continuing to be toxic and deadly. Innocent people lives ends with a bullet from somebody who has no mercy,no soul,no questions or answers,no reasonable doubt. But only focus on pulling that trigger to cause pain,suffer and death. But also his/her own life as well.
Emotions runs deep in us all. We may seem like there is no way to control our inner feelings. But we can at some point in the matter. Never mix your past with your present nor future. Mixing all emotions from then and now will defintley have a affect on you. My words I speak upon ...
This is bascially about getting back with a ex from a past relationship. There are limits you should set. And boundaries that you should be aware of before complicating a past relationship with your ex into a maybe mistake. There is a difference between starting over and a fresh ne...
Shane Franklin Miller,45,gunned down his wife and two young innocent daughters. This tragedy nightmare was the night of May 7,2013,near Shingletown.
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