Alex Berry

Alex Berry
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I have been writing since the mid of 2008. I love to write on a wide array of topics and subjects. SEO, SMO and creative writing top the list of my choice.
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Running a business is not as easy as pie. It takes energy, time and money. Of these three, time is the most coveted resource which is not retrievable. Once it’s lost, it’s lost forever. This is where a virtual prolific copywriter and a sensible graphic designer can make your game
Worried about abrupt sales setback? Google top 7 search results have already caused uproar among pro search marketers
Tips to choose the right rank builder. It helps you rank higher on Google SERPs.
A couple of months back, UK legalized gay marriage within its territory. I was happy hearing it because everyone on earth has the right to love and to be loved. No matter what’s his or her orientation, marriage means union of two loving souls.
Since the day I graduated, only one wish has always been there; and it's blogging. Blogging to express, blogging to entertain and blogging to earn- my wish has a three layers of demand. Has creativity anything to do it? I assure you, it’s merely your creative flair that helps you ma...
After divorce, few live happily. For most of those decide to divorce can feel the pain and it definitely is negative and brings in no hope. Though, I admit few divorce cases save humans; however, they left a question mark above the head of the child of divorced couples.
Being a wordsmith, I master one dance form. The only form I have ever known since I embarked upon my writing career. My fingers start dancing on the keys of a keyboard and keep on producing write ups for my organization, my freelance clients and my friends’ content need.
I can’t remember the day when I decided to start writing. Since my school days, I have been writing something or the other. On April 26 2013, I discovered Wikinut. I was ransacking all around to get a platform and it just got me what exactly I had been looking out for. I could opt f...
Many people face challenges at workplace. No matter how good they are at what they do and how much experienced they are, challenges crash all down some day or the other. I find out some tips here that have been helping me to stay on my target facing all bumps on the way boldly
Read how you miss out business potential when you don't have a dedicated website for your business.
A great many people hardly believe in astrology. Few years back, I earned a real life experience and find that if I trust I win half of the battle. I believe in Astrology. Here's the reason. Take a look!
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