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Hi, I have lived all my life in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in England. I love to write especially poems. I write for fun and to relax but some of my subjects may seem dark. I seem to have the ability to write down and share ideas about life experiences as if they were my own( be they from a man or womans point of view.) I don't stick to any writing rules as such , I just 'go with the flow' Hope you like some of my stuff. Please feel free to comment and share.
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It is almost an everyday occurrence that finds us faced with television and media stories about love 'cheats'. We may indeed have knowledge of someone even closer in our everyday lives. It may even be us.The television always makes this seem exciting .This poem reflects some of the hi...
Many people in their lives have experienced the 'joys' of camping and caravan holidays. Why do you never stop wishing things will get better and warmer?
Our society has been effected on all levels by the crimes committed by the need to feed drug habits. Young people are exposed to stronger and more potent substances .
Bullying goes so much further than the bruises that you can see. Todays society with all its up to date ways of communication allows the bully to invade your home and most private of places.
A Love Poem that was written from the heart. I hope you enjoy it, please read on....
Sometimes it is just good to hold out your arms and let that special someone know you will always be there for them through the ups and downs of life.
Sometimes when we ask God to help us we expect answers straight away. Sometimes it's good to understand that we are not always due an answer or response no matter what bargaining tools we may try to offer.
Although I am not Gay I have Gay friends and have worked with Gay and Lesbian people for many years. I have always been affected by the great controversy that being a Gay person brings out in people and have been greatly shocked at the hate crimes committed toward this community of pe...
Life can become complicated when you choose the path of lawless behaviour or to marry into that way of life.
The Great Spirit, Mother Father God means something different to each person if they believe. Here are my thoughts on the subject of life and life after 'death'.
Life throws us many curved balls and in my life I am blessed to have a close relationship with my brother (who is also a good catcher!). This is a poem about the times when we need our siblings to be there for us. After all we've known each other all our lives......
This is a poem about the emotions one suffers when love is betrayed. What lies beneath the surface that we cannot see.
Many married women come to a time in their lives when they reach a crossroads. This poem is about a middle aged woman whom decides the grass just may be greener on the other side.
Sometimes it takes someone new to make you realise your worth. This poem is about choice.
Sometimes life becomes 'hum drum' and we feel the need to escape even if the grass is indeed not greener on the other side. A reality check sometimes makes us face up to a loveless marriage.
I have written this poem in appreciation of the simple act of awakening next to the one I love. The days when we can enjoy such moments are to be treasured.
Sometimes it's good not to give yourself away 'cheap in the sales'. This 'harsh' poem is about many things but certainly not love.
Sometimes when you get caught in a down pour it is good to look at Rain in a positive way (afterall we British are famous for 'the wet stuff').
Simply You is a poem about all the things we share with the one we love. I dedicate this to my long suffering husband whom without my life would simply be empty.
This is a poem about the sacrifice some people are forced to make in order to make a daily wage. Other peoples' perceptions are not always acurate.
The Steam Train is a living , breathing, giant of a beast. This poem is written for all those who agree...
Sometimes when it comes to love and attraction we can be tempted by the forbidden fruit.
Everyday across the world people send and receive letters and parcels. Here is a poem about such communications.
Every family has a secret but some are bigger than others. This poem is dedicated to my friend Andy and his 'new' sister.
Fighting Angels is an emotional poem about someone who refuses to accept death.
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