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I am an amateur poet, writer, amateur blogger, social critic, teacher and book junkie. My writings are focused on literature, social issues, entertainment and politics
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Flowing thoughts splashed on paper. Thoughts on the state of children welfare, poverty, jobless masses...
Nigeria has garnered notoriety in the world for her citizens' involvement in internet scam. this article addresses five reasons behind this phenomenon.
This article looks at the private school system in Nigeria and how it affects education in the secondary school level of education in the country.
In Nigeria, there are lots of people who visit witch doctors for help in various aspects of their lives. This poem looks at such an encounter from the eyes of a cynic as regards traditional religion. Enjoy
This article looks at education as it meant to the ancient civilizations, what it means now and how it has affected our way of life.
This is an article that raises questions on the state of the women, girls and children rescued from boko haram and what their future entails.
Malaria is a very common ailment in Nigeria. this post looks at the symptoms of the illness and alternative means of treating it.
The books we read tend to influence us; whether positively or negatively, it is posterity's place to judge. I list here several books that have affected my world (not all of them, mind you) if you disagree with me, please remember; it is my own opinion. Enjoy
The Ethiope river is noted not only for its fast flowing waters but also for itss deceptive depth. It has taken many a life and worshippers of the river goddess, olokun go there to offer sacrifices and carry out rituals. Its a beautiful river, whose waters are so pure that you can see...
The lynching of Nigerians living in South Africa by South Africans is really sad. No matter, how despiscable or irritating a human being might be, lynching does not make you better. The xenophobia exhibited by South Africans shows how far from brotherhood africa has truly gone. Let's....
Man has the tendency to let life overwhelm him. Sometimes our jobs become our life, making us forget what beauty; what excitement can be found in the simple things.
without inspiration, writing will be next to impossible; creating anything will be completely futile; life will be drab. this poem paints the effects of inspiration and why we need it in our lives.
people live in fear of living and of dying. this poem looks at this theme.
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