Pretty Summer

Pretty Summer
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I am an English teacher at a local community college, and I am a lifelong bookworm. I also love photography, travel, nature, and my family most of all.
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Recent pages by Pretty Summer

An expression of grief and remorse over a friendship lost and never to be regained and a shame-filled admission of guilt
A reflection on water aerobics and some of its glorious side effects in the name of friendship and life experiences.
A tribute to my beloved Leo, a half purebred German Shepherd, one quarter husky, and one quarter wolf. He was a very understanding and compassionate dog who would put his head on my knee when I was down, and he would hold still and let me hug him and cry into his fur until my tears w...
Are you going to Oahu and not sure what to do? Here is a top 10 list with insider tips to get you started!
Late night musings from the wise little voice inside that I hardly ever pay attention to...until it made lots of sense about life, love, dreams, and success!
My return to the Philippines after many decades and my amazing response upon returning...
The musings of a toddler mom while trying to soothe her fussy toddler and how the color of a truck leads to rainbow hugs...
A wicked granddaughter's humorous thank you to her chocoholic granny and the subsequent joyous wonder of chocolate!
The angst of a lonely 20-something struggling to find life's path, the despair of living life in fear of pain, rejection, or even not at all, and the desire to find a way to live.
A simple poem about the passage of time and true love because love lasts when the relationship is friendly, loving, and compassionate.
A die-hard coffee drinker's LOVE of coffee and my journey to find my favorite coffee beans. Also, a small review of a nice little Kona, Hawaii coffee farm that is worth a visit for fantastic coffee.
An introduction to me as an online writer with many future topics to be covered, including but not limited to: summer, writing, teaching, photography, nature, children, family, friends, love, coffee, chocolate, and much more!
My third life dream is to be a mommy. How I shared the news of our pregnancy with my husband, and my husband's wonderfully silly reaction.
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