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Hi, I am from the US, and I love to write. my favorite to write are poems. subscribe to my R S S feeds, and also follow me on my page Thank you, Merry Christmas. page.This is very encouraging for me.
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As human beings we only have control over is the way we respond, and our own actions.
just something I was write to a beat of music. just something to get the creative juices flowing.
The moment of wanting to experience a sort of absolute excitement when your with someone.Imagine wanting someone to take control, be the dominant one in a situation, and lead the way, but if they don't, you wouldn't mind leading the way. lol
Romance and affection is important in a relationship. To express passion, and feeling to one another can be a great thing. . Giving and receiving, we give our friendship and our physical and emotional self.
I'm speaking from a different point of view then what I usually do. what is seen clearly, and what is viewed.
to me this speaking about teaching but to teach one has to go within one self. don't wait for others to do right cause doing right start with you first. if you look in the mirror there's a image that image will be you.
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