Sandy Housley

Sandy Housley
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I love to write non-fiction inspiration, including short stories, devotionals and have a book in the works. I am also a copy-editor and owner of
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How often do we think about sharing our lessons learned or spiritual insights to the next generation? What is the benefit? Why do it?
Does God want me to have dreams fulfilled. What happens when your dreams die?
My sister was dying and I was grieving. Her final words to me seemed odd, but I later realized what a gift they were.
Why is Good Friday called "Good" - How did I remember the day as a child? What does it mean for the world?
When coincidences take place that are unexplainable, could there be an angel involved? Does God answer our prayers when we ask for a sign? These are questions I asked myself when I learned of this true story.
A true story of Christian love, infidelity, forgiveness, answered prayer, hope and healing.
Getting older? Feeling irrelevant in today's youth-oriented culture? Does the wisdom of your age seem ignored by others? How to keep your relevance in today's culture, especially as a Christian.
People are either a sweet fragrance or awful stench as they live out their faith, or lack of it.
My reaction to the killings at the Aurora Movie theatre during the showing of The Dark Knight in 2012.
How often do we accuse others for the unfortunate incidents that happen to us? Have you ever thought that perhaps an angel had been a key player in a situation you have encountered?
Grief of loss is often a surprise. This story is about a step-mom and how her entering a ready-made family affected one of the children.
Often, we aren't sure where we should be headed in life as followers of God. This true story give an analogy of a blind man's trust and staying on God's good path.
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