Dia Shah

Dia Shah
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hey am a science student who loves writing articles and poems.
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this poem consist of a brief description of my maths teacher. hope you all may may enjoy it.....and have a good laughter time.and please pardon my rhyms......!!
well there's a passion of becoming something in every body's life. sometimes one thinks of the income but sometimes his true love for his passion.
Every country suffers from the problem of crimes,it only varies in the amount. My country is one of the most corrupted countries in the world.And everyone knows who are the culprits.
this article is written in connection with the terrorist attacks on Mumbai last week and the terrorists which were caught.
Everyone of us are talented. And are born intelligent but as one grows up he becomes a liar. He becomes unfaithful....This is my small poem through which i have tried to give my point of view towards education.Hope you all may like it.
Here in this poem i have described my concerns about my usage of the leading social networking site-FACEBOOK.
I have described the beautiful Manali into verse form hope you may enjoy and understand the scenic beauty of Manali through my poem.Hope you all may like it.
I have described the life of a science student and the problems which he/she faces while he/she opts for something different from the normal way of living.This is a simple and understanding poem.Hope you all like it.
Here in this article i have described my experience of visiting the wonderful,peaceful place on earth- Manali.
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