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Blunt Head
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I'm a manga addict. I like anything soulful and deep and my poems reflect my inner thoughts.
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There’s a rumor going around that some Japanese brainiacs invented the 1st ever x-ray sunglasses. When you put them on, you can see through people’s clothing!
Men cheat for many reasons, some even cheat for no reason. Below are the top 10 reasons why men cheat:
Try These Two Home Tests to find out if you’re overweight…
The revelations made by WikiLeaks have helped set off a chain of events in Tunisia. A frustrated and angry Tunisian, named Muhammed Al Bouazizi, set himself on fire in protest of his country’s corrupt regime and passed away in mid-December due to his self inflicted wounds.
With all those confidential diplomatic cables leaked and floating around the world-wide-web, almost everyone on the globe has read the contents of those U.S. cables.
Do you want rock-hard abs for summer? Do you want people to ogle your tight shredded abs at the beach or swimming? If your answer is yes, then this is for you!
Read On To Make Your 1st Sexual Encounter In A Pool Just Comfortable As Possible!
This is not an attack on Africans, African-Americans or Caucasians. This is my opinion on why the Black race is drastically falling behind other races in terms of economical and technological advances.
WikiLeaks revelations published last week states that Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and the leaders of his party were scheming with U.S. diplomats for Washington to create change in the leadership of Zimbabwe’s government by buttering the hands of the leaders of Zimba...
Minimize your chances of having a stroke by doing the following:
This Is What You Should Do In Case Of An Emergency: The treatment principles remain the same for any injury whether you gashed yourself open on a sharp rock, stick or a blade sliced you open: - try to control the bleeding as soon as possible.
Must have essentials when you go on Safari...Very Important Stuff
Learn How To Burn Fat Off Your Body Fast! Learn how to spike up your metabolism that will stimulate fat-burning day and night!
This Is What You Should Do To Introduce Your Partner To Porn:
Tips on How to Survive a Tough Triathlon Anywhere In The World
Do The Following To Minimize Your Chances of Developing Prostate Cancer.
Follow This 10 Useful Tips To Save You Money and Help Preserve Every Precious Drop Of Water We Have:
[VERSE ONE] As I sit here By my 10th floor hotel window Staring at the night-sky While the rain drizzles I feel so mellow
All Men And Women Should Know These Six Sex Techniques!
Follow this insightful advice to leave your children with integrity before you die and leave this earth:
Do the following below and you're guaranteed to get laid!
Follow these rules to prevent your muscles from wasting away when you diet. Protect your muscles by adding the right exercise routine to your weight-loss program. You’ll lose fat faster and look like Hercules or Aphrodite when you finally get rid of your excess weight!
This is what you should do if you feel that nagging voice within you...
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