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HI, I'm Amber and though i have dyslexia i love to read and wright. i have considered myself a writer from the age of 16 on. I love what i do and i dont care if you like my stuff or not. oddly i do want to know why you do or do not. i dont care what you think but i care about what you have to say...i know its strange and worded funny but there it is. later days
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I was talking to a friend about her dad and I this came to mind. i know it not clear but i like it.
this is about a love between two young kids who never rill got a real chance.
What do you do when your home alone with your little brother and a fire starts.
It a sort story about Vampires. Not the wimpy twilight stuff, and a little hint of ante rice because i love her.
How a man plays with the emotions of a girl as he often dose but falls for her. every thing blows up in his face and he begins to fall apart. he begins fighting with what he was and who he is.
Drowning in the river of death…though your only at the edge.
When u hit that wall of OH SH!T and your heart gets pumping and youe head stars spining.
yha a not so short short story...A story of three tough best friends.
A small truth with weird wording creating something fun, and im not going to lie to ya...i was mostly just goofing around
Love lost hate lives whispers in the wind. This is one of my favorite things i have written. it speaks to me in a way i cant express
It is what it is, as in its what u make of it.its means something to every one in a different way.
Its about a man i know, one of my best friends. 48 49 50
This came to me when i was talking to a friend about her dad.
This is a story about possession and hurting a whole family. Read more:
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