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Basically, I love cars especially BMW and airplanes too. My favourite past time is planespotting. My writing will focus on reviews and life guides. Have fun!
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As the corporate world gets more competitive and demanding, one's attitude is also demanded towards a proactive approach to work.
After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.
Are you a housewife who's idling at home, watching TV and cooking? Are you a student who's feeling bored because you have nothing to do except for playing games and chatting on MSN Messenger everyday? Well, here are some sites that are worth your try. These are sites that you can earn...
What do you actually think of when the word 'visualization' comes to your mind? Is it just plain visualizing or it carries another meaning, related to our minds? This article will discuss about utilizing the power of visualization to boost our self-esteem and improving our lives.
This is Need For Speed Undercover, also known as NFSUC. It's the 12th installment of the Need For Speed series, which are high octane racing games. Well, what is it like, racing cars while going undercover? Enjoy your ride below...
The Philips SA 3114 is almost the size of a credit card. The basic features are there and it's suitable for people who just want a simple MP3 player for entertainment. More will be discussed below.
GTA IV, the latest game of the popular GTA series, can be described to be highly action-packed game and it's super addicting. Want to know more and why? Read below and slowly immerse yourself into the virtual world of crime and addiction...
Feeling bored staying at home doing almost nothing? Wanna immerse yourself in a virtual Hawaii and driving different makes of cars around Oahu island? Perhaps you may want to try Test Drive Unlimited by developer Eden Studios and publisher Atari Games.
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