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I have been writing for many years now and have been working as a freelancer (writer, editor and proofreader) for quite a while. If you need any freelancing services in these categories, please let me know as I offer a special discount to fellow Wikinut members.

I also have a fiction book published as well on Amazon's Kindle Store titled The Invisible Cloak by Rizwan Syed.

I follow and write about practically everything, but am especially interested in automobiles, finance and politics.
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Recent pages by RSyed

With more than half of the world’s population, Asia is in deep trouble as of mid August 2010.
Alcoholic beverages are a norm around the world, but there enough reasons for you to quit drinking.
Five great tips that are easy and practical for people to reduce their current household expenditures.
About the great people I’ve met on Wikinut and the wonderful experiences I’ve had since I joined in mid 2010.
Assessing and summing all that President Obama has achieved and accomplished as President of the United States during his first 18 months in office.
Does a healthy marriage require both partners to compromise?
There is an ongoing debate about whether electric razors are better than the more popular safety razors for facial hair shaving. Here's a comparison and logically deduced analysis on the subject matter.
People often overlook and miscalculate the importance of integrity and being a good person.
Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha went on a private trip to Spain in early August 2010. Was this trip inappropriate given the circumstances America is currently struggling with?
A couple fantastic cost-efficient tips to improve the lighting in your home.
Over a dozen strong earthquakes have rattled populated places in the first half of 2010. What's coming in the second half?
Three sensational singers with far less fame and recognition than they deserve.
The best shows on TV in my opinion, categorized by genre.
20 fascinating functions usable and accessible by Google search.
25 incredible, strange and fascinating facts about animals.
A woman delivered a child on a plane and tried flushing the infant down the plane toilet.
An English woman died from a cardiac arrest probably because of strong sexual arousal.
The East Coast in the United States faced a severe heat wave this week with sizzling temperatures in the triple digits.
A lot of people ponder what site to set as their homepage. Here is a guide.
Five very important tips and key points to follow before submitting any piece of writing for publication.
Here are 5 tips to get taller which should work for teenagers and young adults in their early twenties.
Many musicians are very talented but are not very popular. Here's one of them.
A Vietnamese 'virginity test' has recently helped free three in a Vietnam rape case.
Australian scientists have now developed prawns that can be bred to satisfy the immense prawn desire Australians have.
A lock of Napoleon's hair, cut after he died, has sold for $13,000 at an auction held in New Zealand.
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