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A random guy interested in cycling, fishing, photography and writing about my experiences.
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THe profit and loss and the balance sheet are two primary statements found in a set of financial accounts. This article explores the two statements and highlights the differences between them.
Many small business owners appear to have problems in accounting for their payroll costs and the associated liabilites. This article explains how wages and salaries, i.e. the payroll should be posted to the accounting records.
Controlling cash is important to ensure a business survives. A business owner needs to be aware of the cash coming in and the cash going out and one of the best ways to do this is with a cash flow. This article explores the cash flow and explains how to prepare this document.
Fixed assets, current assets and current liabilites are commonly used terms in the world of accountancy, but what do they actually mean? This article explores these terms and attempts to amke them clearer for you, the reader.
In order to secure customers many small businesses must give credit, however this can be risky. This article explores credit control and describes the safe guards small businesses should put in place to ensure they all give credit to credit worthy customers.
When selling a business it is important to pitch it at the right price, which includes valuing it. There are many different ways to value a business, and one of the most common is using the earnings basis. This article explores the earnings basis and explains what it is and how it wor...
Maintaining adequate financial records is important for all businesses, regardless of its size. This article provides advice and tips on book keeping.
Accounting standards demands that fixed assets are written down and depreciated over their useful economic life. This article explores the concept of depreciation and gives guidance on how to account for it inthe financial records.
There are often many opportunities for accounts payable fraud to occur in the small business environment. This article explains how accounts payable fraud can occur, how it may affect your small business and what you can do to eliminate this potential problem.
Dooyoo is a review site whereby you get paid for reviewing products, movies, albums - just about anything. This article explains what being on Dooyoo is really like.
Changes in the cheque clearance rules. Will your business be affected? Read on to find out.
Arguably, the Apple ipod is the best selling MP3 player. Whilst it is great for music the ipod does have many other uses as well, which are explored in this article.
Everyone loves a good pic-nic, however the food can often get mundane and boring. This article provides the recipes of several tasty side dishes that are cheap, easy to make and will add a that extra 'something' to your pic-nic basket.
Consuming raw and undercooked meat can be dangerous and may lead to all sorts of health and medical problems. This article explains the reasons why it is important to ensure meat is properly cooked before it is eaten.
Serving pre-cooked food at a party has both advantages and disadvantages for the host. This article explores the concept of serving pre-cooked foods and explains the pros and cons in adopting this approach.
The three 'B's, i.e. BBQ, Burgers and Beer go hand in hand. A great BBQ deserves a great beer and with so many to choose from the question of "what is the best?" has to be asked. This article gives my top 5 beers that will compliment any BBQ.
You'd think that taking pictures of captive animals would be easy, however it is not. The zoo or the safari park presents challenges that all photographers must face in order to get decent images. This article explores those challenges and provides advice on how to overcome these.
Canon's 50mm F1.8II lens is a cracking little lens, however it does take some getting used to and a bit of practice to get the most out of it. Many new users struggle to get to grips with the lens and write it off as useless without really understanding how it works. This article prov...
Canon's 50mm F1.8II is a cracking prime lens that all photgraphers should have in their bag. It is small, light, fast and the picture quality is fantastic, and to top it all off it is so cheap. This article is an unbiased review on Canon's little 50mm F1.8II lens.
This article explores how to get in to macro photography using extension tubes.
There are effectively two types of lenses used in photography, being the zoom and the prime. This article explores the key differences between these two different types of lenses.
Do white birds often look gray in your photographs? Exposing and metering for white birds can be a challenge although understanding your cameras metering system will help overcome this. This article provides advice and tips on ensuring the white birds in your photographs are actually ...
Dedicated macro lenses are expensive however there are cheaper ways of getting in to the world of macro photography without spending a small fortune. This article explores one of these methods which involves the use of close up filters.
Motorsports photography is not easy. Whilst it is relatively easy to get a good shot, getting a great shot requires a bit more practice and technique. This article provides advice and tips on motorsport photography.
Buying a zoom lens is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider such as how long the lens needs to be, how fast it needs to be, what it is going to be used for and the amount of money you are prepared to spend, This article provides advice and tips on buying a zoom lens.
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