gihigugma ko ikaw

gihigugma ko ikaw
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I am a dog lover,vegetables and fruits lover,an outdoor person ,licensed teacher, had a previous seasonal writing job and an online clothes seller(preloved)
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There are points in our lives that people try to step us down. This is all my poem about.
My poem is about an interpretation how my life is tested by time. Life begets courage.
A good leader must be a good member. Through being fair and helpful to the students, they will be encouraged to perform at their very best.
My article is about the working theory summary in education that makes you believe that no person is dull.
Are you worried about how to earn everyday? I am listing the possibilities that can give you an idea how to make money everyday.
My article is talking about how can you gain faith if your fate seems so unfriendly?
A harmful words create negligence A harmless words create freedom
Writing is a medicine of emotionally sickness. Let emotions be a pen.
I am writing a short story introducing the kids the words use with poo and pee
Love your enemies, as the bible says. This is the supporting poem that recent Philippine election applies.
As a licensed teacher, I am helping you with my article how to make your children smarter than other kids.
To lose is to lose. To win is to win. That is an Election
Election position is not a family business but a service to be given to the populace.
Let go of the power that can never be yours Power is an air that you can hold in your bare hands
My article will explain to you why mother's milk is best for the new born child rather than processed milk.
For my fellow Filipinos, let us make a change image in our system. Let Democracy for the people, by the people and of the people.
Let us find out the meaning of efficient and effective.
There are times that the ex's cannot let go with their previous relationship with your husband and she keeps on bothering your relationship. See more on the content.
My poem made is about the ironicals in our lives. We wonder if it is a fate, a challenge or life's design.
Check out my best clothes sell online! Fabulous clothes that will never fade the fashion.
There is no other person to talk with at troubled times except You. I am writing Him a secret letter in which you can relate also. Enjoy reading.
I am sharing to you my story how I inspire the lives of my preschool kids from teaching them being versatile. How parents thanked me developing their children physically, academically and morally.
Since we are still on the Labor month, I would like to experience with you my unforgettable experience in the job that you can surely reflect at all. Read more for my detailed shared experience.
Everyone becomes greedy when talking about land issue. Farmers are also like other people who are earning for money in order to survive.
Reading as if you are tasting the crunchy food at a very low cost with this haven. The satisfying experience you will never forget. Read more the content.
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