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whenever i feel something or anything i can't tell and express to whoever's concerned and responsible for it... i just scribble down whatever it is and i feel better....
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Running can be fun too. Running can be a means of helping out our fellowmen. Most especially, running is equivalent to good health.
This is supposed to be a poem but I decided to make it a song. I composed this one for my friends. It's my way of thanking them for the numerous times they've been there for me, to fill the emptiness and sadness. In return, here's what I want to tell them. Hence, it's called "I Say".
It's more of a question why trust is hardly contained.
This speaks about being in love with someone who can't love you in return.
I had written this letter a year ago, for someone who has been a part of my life. I don't have a clue if he's aware this letter was written for him. He was the first guy who made me realized, not to fear love. I tried not to fall for him, because of his hindrances, but inevitably, we...
This was about my first love and first heartache. It's about encouraging myself to let go, to be strong and be positive in everything.
There are certain times of the days, that I couldn't get myself to sleep, no matter what I do. This is one alternative I indulge myself to, instead of taking medication to get myself to sleep. I exhaust my mind in thinking what to write, so as to put halt to being so energized. Most...
I just thought I could share something out of my experiences as I went past my way out of distress, disappointment, broken heart, sadness and stressfulness. Perhaps, some might want to read through, as much as I read it, through, again and again, each time, I feel blue and tired. =)
Some thoughts to ponder on. A lot of questions bothering me for so long.
Oftentimes, I find it excruciating, whenever I wanted to express something but can't, so, I jot it down. At least, If I write it when indignant or pissed, I could save somebody from any harsh or rude words I might utter; or whenever I feel inspired and loved, I'd be able to say my tho...
When we feel stressed-out and worn out especially from the exhaustion of the jobs we have everyday, we, definitely could say that we need to take a vacation. We need to chill, go to places we can unwind and forget about work. That's what my friends and I do, each time we feel the need...
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