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I am a photographer hoping my art will give the viewer a moment of escape. I will write about art and also add some photo challenges as well as everyday stories and travels.
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Recent pages by Graceful

Working with textures in Photoshop can open many doors into your imagination and can improve and change uninteresting shots dramatically. A photo can go from boring to better with a little creativity.
Now and then we need to lower the standards we set for ourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% all the time.
You have this big empty wall in your house and you so badly want something unique and valuable to hang on it. Something that will draw attention, make you feel good and make a great topic for conversation. A beautiful photo or painting that will show your personality and your good ta...
Does the clock in the waiting room make you nervous? Wouldn't a beautiful photo from a beach make you feel a lot more relaxed?
If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.
What is it that makes a painting or photo great? It's quite simple.......
Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.
Another challenge for you creative people. What can you do with circles. Take a look here and see if this can help you get out of a "creator's block"!
Mingle with the right people when you try to pursue your dream.
The color red should give you enough to work with if you're looking for something inspiring for your next creative project whether you're a painter, writer or photographer. Join me on my tour through creative assignments!
Liquids are always fun to shoot, and maybe this could an inspiration for other artists too. This photo challenge is about shooting beverages.
Let the word HEAT be your next challenge whether you are a photographer or a painter. Even if you are not into these arts let this be an inspiration to create something hot!
With the digital photography, do kids know anything about how the old masters did it? A school in Norway got the chance to try the old way of taking pictures.
The last chapter in my hotel series. The Staff and their daily ups and downs.
New chapter in my hotel series. This is about people with no manners.
One of the challenges when working with people in a restaurant or hotel is that some of them really don't care about you! If they have a lousy day, you might be the target for their blowouts. A new chapter in my hotel series.
Another chapter in my hotel series. Some people are always there. Every restaurant needs a few regulars.
Another story from a hotel. Everyone you meet has a story to tell, so don't judge too quickly!
Another incident at the hotel. Some people think they have the right to be rude.
If you work in a hotel you will sooner or later encounter the challenge of language confusion!
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
A lot goes on behind the scenes of a hotel. What if the guests are all criminals?
If you've never worked in a hotel or restaurant or similar business you're probably not aware of how much people skills you must have to get through the day. In addition to cooking, cleaning and general customer service you may have to act as a psychologist or social worker. Read thes...
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