S. Nicole Green

S. Nicole Green
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Im just a confused girl/women in this crazy world trying to figure out who i am. I write mostly when im hurt so alot of my writing is life experiences, things ive had and wanted. Stuff ive imagined...
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Remember when you were a teenager and they would ask where do you see your self 5 years from now? Well I have never been able to answer that not til this day. Things were easy as a child u can had so many hopefully outcomes. Im still confused trying to figure out who I am and why I am...
The loss of my first loved one, still trying to figure out how i am taking it.
One of the pages out of my diary which I hardly wight in I have a few of them. I really don't share my diary's makes me nervous and its basically the same thing as a secret. I swear Im always whining about being hurt some how.
It seems like i'm constantly pushing people away in my life. Both friends, family, partners that have been my loved ones. Either people just walk out of my life but this is a poem about me and this guy just hitting it off and falling in and out of love for each other. Even though we h...
This is a poem in 2007 being bored just wanting to write a poem. All that came to mind is the recent wedding i was invited to. So I wrote for 2 incredible people I actually use to work for and became friends with. I never was able to read it to them i forgot it at home. It's Basically...
another sad love break up poem from the same guy who has inspired the last ones. We were together for years and he was just a liar and a cheater so i have a lot ive learned and will not make the mistake of letting happen again.
Another sad love poem of a typical guy that goes around breaking hearts. Its a shame we make those mistake as humans but we cant help what are heart feels and at times it can be hard to give in to temptation.
I have low self esteem and don't believe i m beautiful. there are some days i feel pretty but that's because of the make up. I believe the reason I am like this is because of the way i was raised and never hearing i was pretty or beautiful then which makes it hard to believe now. I'm ...
I've been going to this one bar since before I was 21, It use be an alright place to go then people got older problems got bigger. Girls hates girls, guys always fighting, drama drama drama, but people still go..........
I dated this guy who lied about everything or just makes stuff up for no reason. He lied so much its like he thought his lies were real. I don't know but i think that's what you call a pathological liar and I don't like them.
People you love let you down, don't let them or at least don't let them know. After so much you can't cry or fear life without them any more.
ive been seperated from my daughter when she was 3 her father took off with her. Its been 4yrs and the pain is only getting worse.
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