Liss MacRae

Liss MacRae
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I have never written professionally but love the idea of writing articles.
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Having sex change available on the NHS- what on earth is that about?!
How making online pornography completely illegal will impact negatively.
The honour and pride that comes with having heritage.
How sexism could be percieved as developed in the modern world, and the role assignment in reproduction.
The way America is hugely influenced by Britain despite their grant of independence.
How facebook affects people negatively in the way of addiction, laziness and cyber bullying which always has the forboding possibility that it can lead to self harm and even suicide in serious cases of incessant bullying.
How baby names are chosen and why celebrities choose to cause cruelty to their child and slowly deteriate any dignity they may have had. How names are judged and avoided due to things like social class and intelligence.
The way gcse's are examined negatively affects grades and suitability for jobs.
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