Brendan Shea

Brendan Shea
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Well traveled writer with an eclectic career writes on a variety or topics to entertain, inform and inspire..
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Here are some important things to focus on when working in a sales-focused call center:
The author shares how he was introduced to a great mystery writer, and outlines the 'Francis formula.
Are you struggling with depression? Here are a few ways to help overcome it on a daily basis. This is not medical advice, but peer support!
A brief look at one of the masters of mystery storytelling who went from being a champion jockey to a great writer.
If you struggle with mild dandruff, flaky scalp or facial flaking, these basic tips may help in conjunction with a doctor's care.
Here are some basic steps to clean a liner pond. If you are enterprising and energetic, you will have a great time cleaning your pond! It is fun, but hard work, and you will need to take great care in handling of your fish in this process to ensure their health. Prepare well, and c...
Unstoppable opened in theaters November 12th, 2010, and after one week into release, Variety had rated it #2 at the box office. I watched this action packed picture in a fairly full house, and was well entertained.
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