Paul Bright

Paul Bright
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I am a former military member that is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology-Marriage and Family Therapy. I am also getting in shape and wish to motivate and educate others what I've learned about exercise and nutrition. I live in the Bay area. I am also an experienced online freelance writer and editor, with two published e-books and over 2,400 articles online.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, a professional heart surgeon and talk show host, is promoting learning about your BMI as a key to weight loss. But could Dr. Oz be wrong about BMI?
For less than $25 US you can buy cheap, efficient workout equipment.
Bipolar Disorder is quickly becoming a “hot” mental health disorder throughout the media, thanks to a few celebrities and sports starts that have come out, so to speak. While there is still research about bipolar disorder’s roots still going on, many inquire about its roots. Is...
The Biggest Loser is entering its 12th season in the U.S. It features morbidly obese contestants shedding hundreds of pounds in a matter of months. Even if you aren’t morbidly obese, there are some lessons you can learn from watching The Biggest Loser.
As a freelance writer, I’ve been paid to write articles and blogs for different clients. One of my assignments was to research interval exercises, which I discovered are the best fat burning exercises anyone can do.
The problem with exercise to burn fat is that some people think it takes too long to get an effective workout. But a combination of cardio with weight resistance can cut your workout time in half. A pair of dumbbells and five feet of space is all you need to burn fat with this simple ...
I’ve explored different exercises I can do from home during my weight loss journey. The Dumbbell Swing - Squat Thrust Combo exercise is one of the best and most efficient exercises for fat burn.
My former exercise routine was just enough to keep me from gaining weight. However, I ended up gaining fat. I had to find out the truth about my exercise and make changes to get in the shape I wanted to be in.
As a former military member, I thought I was in good shape, exercising three days a week and eating relatively healthy. My visit to a wellness expert revealed some surprising details about fat and how it was affecting me.
Bipolar disorder patients and their family members understand the complexities of dealing with mood swings. Maintaining a mood chart could be the most important step in managing those moods.
Various social network games and online tests claim to measure your IQ. But how do psychologists calculate your true IQ?
Talk therapy is an important treatment component for bipolar disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one form that can help bipolar sufferers mitigate symptoms.
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