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I'm an independent author, prolific and feature writer with creative write-ups and occasional poet. I write in different ways and drections with various topics, I write almost every day.
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As I sat down there,just right behind me was a window that gives me access to see many things going on in the king yard. Right there I saw some lizard moving around. They will not miss their duty to be there
Electronics Cigarette proved itself beyond how it was prescribed, I could not believe the result. What amazed me is that it gives off vapour
This poem is about inequality of life, the gift some are looking for with tears to some people is abundance. The product of a blessed union
This poem is about our youth days, what we left undone and wish we had the chance of correcting the past...
Now is the time to enjoy everything. Oh! Some enjoy what others labour for. Then, why do people labour so hard? This poem is a must read for you...
To stay healthy always, you must know all it takes to be in good shape and keep fit without unnecessary fat. In this article, all you need to know is discuss in a plain word.
Your appearance speaks much more about you, and can open door for you where you did not aim at. For ladies, some are so sophisticate about this because they want every body to admire them and made a good comment about their dress. So they
A daily meal that contains all nutrients in adequate amounts for a particular person or a group of people at a particular time known as a BALANCED DIET. Mental and moral well-being, to be in good health, we need to feed well i.e. to eat balanced diet. Nutrients can be divided into fol...
Do you have passion for fashion at all? That passion can includes designing your own clothes or fashion accessories, like hats, handbags, shoes, if you have ever one time thought about making a living as a fashion designer.
Treatment for knee pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Therefore, it is utmost importance that you understand the cause of your symptoms before embarking on a treatment program
Marriage provides a platform to forge the most intimate relationship possible between two humans. It provides a deep communion. When maintained like that, it leads to much fruitfulness in every aspect of life. Despite the great benefits that a quality relationship between spouses offe...
As we all know that every successful companies or organization must have a good regular board meeting, in other to trash-out some issues and make some amendment where it is necessary for a good and better performance of their staffs and co.workers. This is what our organization doe...
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