Nando Matos

Nando Matos
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Education: Real Estate, Social Science, Business Management, Jewelry Designer and Recycle teacher. My main focus is politics, teenagers, education, sport, entertainment and African cultures
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Star "sun' is giving many possibilities to seaside cities to make many activities until the end of sun, where people are looking to keep their stay in beach
The Boom of US oil and how the world will react toward the US liberty. New map of Petroleum, China and India as buyers.
Croatia, a country that people must know and take sometime to understand how beauty is. The amazing seaside city and marvellous food.
To become rich today is better to avoid some problems that bad politicians are bringing to societies that have to allow non educated people to rule the nations.
This article is telling the challenges that Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are living to make happen the two biggest events in sport. the necessity to build infrastructure to receive foreigners with some quality in sport installations and transports.
Something that peope wait for US and thing turns little stressful for the time that nothing works well.
the way sportsmen and sportsmen are chaging their national birth place to have good conditons to compete in any sport activity, mainly football one.
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