Janette Kirchner

Janette Kirchner
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Janette Kirchner has published two children books and a poetry book titled "Under a Midnight Dream". She is happily married and a stay at home mother to two amazing children.
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Recent pages by Janette Kirchner

In this piece I was inspired by a quote from our 32nd President Franklin Roosevelt. Here are some ways to get to what President Roosevelt's quote was talking about.
Danny is a little boy suffering from inoperable cancer, he has one simple wish.
My tips and personal experiences on how to recover from a c-section.
I'm an animal lover and it breaks my heart to hear of how dogs are at times neglected, disrespected, and abused.
This poem is the title poem of my poetry book titled Under A Midnight Dream.
This poem was written to honor victims of sexual assault.
I am an avid Doctor Who fan (whovian,) and the 11th Doctor was my first Doctor, this poem is in honor of him.
This poem was inspired by 2014's lunar eclipse and a train that goes by my home at midnight.
This page is about what feminism really means. Not what it is perceived to mean.
This is my opinion piece on why Chipotle should be boycotted
In this piece I talk about the importance of not pushing one gender to the side.
I wrote this poem several years ago, when it seemed that money was more important than the wrestlers or the fans. I think it can be applied to life as well.
In this article I am defending the WWE, because sometimes, just sometimes, they do good things for the sake of those things being good.
This poem was inspired by Sebal Ludington's heroism during the Revolutionary War.
This is a biography of Sebal Ludington and her midnight ride. (Yes, just like Paul Revere.)
In this article I review a couple of my favorite Steve Sinnicks songs
This a poem I wrote to honor domestic violence victims. Hopefully to give them something to hope for, and to help them get assistance should they choose to do so.
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