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Heather Hadden is top Toronto realtor. She loves her city and turned her website into thrilling Toronto lifestyle hub.
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A short overview of the family-friendliest neighbourhoods in Toronto for those who are looking for a home.
Walking on the gorgeous streets of Seaton Village, you will probably marvel at the fanciful Victorian semi-detached homes built in the 1890s and early 1900s. A magnificent covering of imposing silver maple trees line the streets, creating a barrier between the homes and the modern wor...
Nobody wants to put money into their home if there is no way of recuperating it when they sell. Even so, you may have lived with a broken front door for months, but a possible buyer isn't going to want to. Mend or replace anything damaged or that isn’t working as it was designed to...
Home improvements can add substantial value to your home, but also ruin your efforts.
Good photography can win you the deal, bad one can burn it!
Whilst many of us talk about a Victorian building, few people realize that Victorian is not a style. 'Victorian' buildings generally describes styles that were most popular between 1835 and 1900.
Placing your property onto the realty market is a major undertaking. Yet almost constantly, some sellers and their real estate agents simply make inopportune missteps that cost them dearly Hardly anybody can put the chances at selling a house at stake, and everyone wants to go with as...
Distillery District is one fo the most interesting neighbourhoods in Toronto.
Cabbagetown sounds like a strange name, so what are its roots? The most well-known story of how Cabbagetown got its name dates back to the Irish immigrants settling in the area in the 1840s. For those of you that know your history, at the time Ireland was in the clutches of a potato f...
A party is more than just music, lots of food and drink; it's about special times, catching up with friends and family and having a brilliant time. The drawbacks of arranging a party is the stress it can cause. To help you reduce those stress levels, I have put together some suggestio...
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