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I am sure that the specialized knowledge accumulated during the passing years will prove useful in my writing; I am a learn-as-you-go principle adept.
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The best excitement ever is the shared excitement. The first invested cash-out, the first thrills of joy.
"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but the thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is at is is. " Echart Tolle
Let’s face it: at least once in a life time each one of us had to be reminded by a diploma of some dormant qualities.
According to PhD John Gray, in his book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, <>, so the woman’s choice to marry a man that is alien not only in terms of “planet...
PARENTING -The most rewarding job, even though it is the hardest one on Earth
From the beginning should be stated that the word Orient from the title of this article, has no offensive intentions, or purpose, on the contrary, the author of this article has a reverential attitude regarding the input of Orient in all walks of life along the history, and ...
Although, by definition, there is no coercion in faith, the fast of Ramadan is called compulsory, as opposed to optional, because it is mentioned several times in Coran, and is one of the pillars of Islam.
The drama of the little girls who all aspire to be the second Nadia Comeneci and be gymnastics performers, but their body type does not advantage them.
Sort of mission impossible; an unemployed to start from zero, with all the expenses comprised by finding a home and paying a rent, as well as the the terminal year tuition fee for getting the University degree, in the demanding capital. I thought I will have to resort to drastic meas...
Many social sites offer to store for you your documents, audio and video files. If you are like me, you do it for freeing hard disk memory purposes and upload all your files there. But think twice or at least take precautions first. Learn from my sour experience.
If, when you are at home, you are always exhausted for no apparent reason, it might be that your house is having a bad breath. Search immediately for other symptoms to make sure of that. Here is how and what to do about it.
Don't you wish you know before marriage the secret to your lover's heart to help you keep him forever or at least for as long as you want, and avoid this way the nasty complications beyond divorce?
When a great piece of classic music remains unknown to the music lovers I suffer just as much as I suffer when the wrong person or the wrong country gets accredited for a huge success.
The world points at Islam with the finger and puts it to the wall of shame. Lapidation is such a controversial topic! What exactly means stoning to death, or lapidation?
For a correct understanding of the importance of trust in any marriage, especially in a Muslim marriage, one needs to look no further than the definition of each of the words, marriage and trust.
From reading my ex' horoscope, to drawing in my mind the scenario of getting back to each other and rekindling the flame, was just one tinny step that s worth taking .
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