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I am Wikinut's top technical author and advisor, which makes me a pretty big nut when you think about it!
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The option for users to export a copy of their Wikinut articles has been added to the "Your Profile" menu.
December 2015 has been a month of change here at Wikinut. This article gives a quick update on some of the progress we've made.
When you publish a Wikinut article your involvement is far from over. Readers (and fellow Wikinut Authors) are able to leave comments discussing what you have written, and sometimes a little management is required to keep things in order.
Publish elsewhere on the internet in addition to Wikinut? Writing about a controversial topic? Moderator notes could save your page from rejection.
I recently wrote a Wikinut page about a home hair dye disaster, I spent about 1 hour on it. In the following 2 months it has generated money, attracted comments and become popular on Google. I've gathered my advice so you can enjoy similar (or better) results.
Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the classic 2D platform games of the 1990s, but it badly lost its way when ushered into the 3D era. Can the glory days be recovered with a move back to side-scrolling action?
NASA Shuttle launches are one of the most awesome spectacles on the planet, and there aren't many left. Here are my tips for viewing a launch, the low stress and low cost way.
4 minutes and something like 20 seconds of escapism and harmony. An overlooked classic, "We're gazing out to sea, Blue dolphins are singing"
Liverpool FC have announced that Tom Hicks Jr, son of co-owner Tom Hicks, has resigned as a director of the club and parent company Kop Holdings. Here are the emails that caused it all.
NASA MODIS Rapid Response System satellite imagery from 7th Jan 2010 shows almost the entire UK mainland under a blanket of snow and ice.
Apparently it can be very hard to calculate how deep a snowfall is. In this article I aim to demystify this ancient art.
Renowned fashion photographer and musical ringmaster Ramdaq shares his rushes of the new Franscesca Kearns collection, modeled by muse Dicey Hunter.
I decided to try a home blonde hair dye kit, only to find myself with a full head of shocking bright orange hair. In this article I explain how I tried to repair the damage and how I eventually managed to eradicate the orange menace.
I have no idea why turkey curry has become a byword for the nightmare of Christmas leftovers. Turkey curry is quick, easy and delicious. Add some brussels sprouts and you've taken the game to a new level.
Writing pages on Wikinut is a great way to earn some extra income, but any fraudulent advert clicks will put both your payments and your account at risk.
When you publish a page on Wikinut it will be listed in the category you wrote it in. Some pages are also published in other, higher level, categories. This article explains why.
If you're already skilled with the Wikinut editor you might be ready to try some of the advanced options - Lists, Fixed format blocks, and Embedded youtube videos.
Sony memory sticks are overpriced in terms of cost per gigabyte of capacity. They're almost always more expensive than an equivalent size SD or SDHC card. Adapters exist to allow the use of cheaper SDHC cards in Memory Stick devices, but how well do they perform?
Nutpoints are earned when you use the Wikinut site and as you become more active in our author community. This page explains some of the ways they can be collected and why they matter to our authors.
Review of the mysteriously named "P001/(c)LOEBEAT/2009" CD being currently being sold at Loebeat live performances. Modern electric pop with pin sharp vocals and meaty beats.
The Wikinut messaging system is our way of sending you important information about your account. Here we describe the communications we send and your message options.
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