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I am a college student with a strong interest in writing, healthcare, music, and education. I'm currently working in retail and enjoy several activities and hobbies ranging through several categories.
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I liked to leave all of my poetry open to interpretation from the reader.
A few years ago, I would always be seeing the latest movie popular every month. There wasn’t a movie that I hadn’t seen, and I was the person to ask for the best recommendation of which motion picture to see next. Until one day, I decide the cost for a movie ticket was too expensi...
With Father’s day approaching, you may be wondering what to do. My advice is doing something special, yet simple, such as a movie day. Make some popcorn and eat junk food all while spending quality time with Dad. Here’s my top 5 movies to watch with dad for a pleasurable experienc...
A poem about someone who is burnt out on life and lacking motivation to complete simple daily tasks.
As an allergy sufferer for as long as I can remember, March through October are dreaded months for me. My ears itch like crazy, the back of my throat has a constant tickle, the sniffles are never ending, sneezing is frequent, and it becomes harder to breathe. After years and years, th...
A poem of someone demonstrating humanity and helping another person see there are good people.
A short poem expressing the hard times faced in entering a new relationship after the end of a long, comitted relationship.
Part 2 of a short story. Things are shaken up in the town of Arokakl, when bank robber, Gary, uses a tube of chap stick to disarm the security guard in a small town bank.With a storm in his way, Gary has to decide if his actions are worth the outcome, or if he made a mistake.
More of a song than a poem, I wrote this after receiving some inspiration.
Have you ever had a special connection with someone? One where you can't stand to be away from that person, and it feels great when they are around? If so, then you will enjoy this poem. Maybe even share it with that special someone.
When you start to feel something for someone, it is a big struggle in how to tell that person, or even if you should tell that person of your feelings. Everything has gone through it, and still it's one of the hardest things about starting a relationship.
A fun poem about my love for cookie dough ice cream.
Taking some time for yourself occasionally to completely clear your mind, can be one the best things someone can do for themselves.
Things are shaken up in the town of Arokakl, when bank robber, Gary, uses a tube of chap stick to disarm the security guard in a small town bank. Is Gary connected to this security guard in some way, or is he working on his own?
Sometimes it takes time, but eventually people will reveal who they really are.
When someone claims to care about someone, they should know to do what is best for that person. Sometimes that isn't how it works.
This is the very first thing I ever wrote in writing on my own. It's the first chapter to a book I was writing, with some editing of course. I started writing it during my freshman year of high school. I had so much fun with it, that I decided to continue on with writing.
Most people have one person that they tend to run to every time they need someone to lean on, but what happens when that person is no longer around?
As I'm staring out into space, I can't help but think about how overwhelmed I am with the project at hand, but I know once I complete it, I will feel a lot better and a sense of accomplishment. Our daily lives have become so busy, it's hard to try and even imagine cleaning. Here are a...
A follow up to my last poem "Throwing it All Away."
Sometimes love blinds us to the things that we should be paying attention to.
So many people face several challenges during their lifetime. Here is a poem I wrote about so far the most difficult challenge I have faced.
A poem about taking a drive through the back roads.
A poem taking a look inside the busy lifestyle of a college student.
A short poem about feeling lost and confused in the world.
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