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Visit my site My main interests are Photography and Choreography. The articles what I write are all based on my ideas pertaining to various topics. I love to gain and share knowledge.
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This page is not meant to hurt any religion. It is the fact. Christianity in India originated in 52 A.D.. Their population then constituted less than 5% (till we gained independence)
Planning to be the owner of a website? You may require knowledge about HTML and should have lots of money. If in case you have neither of them, don’t be disappointed you can still own a site.
These days DJ’ing is the best way to get laid. Many people are into the hobby of becoming a DJ and almost 50% among them make it as a profession.
Taj Mahal- One of the Seven Wonders of the World, located in India. This monument is known for its architectural beauty and symbol of love.
This is a re published article. I have written the same content in Bukisa where my user name is gabby0506
Birthday celebrations would usually mean cutting cakes, hosting a private party, going on long ride with friends or treating and many more. But for me, the best birthday celebration was on Oct 22 2010.
Watching pornographic videos is a normal human tendency. Leading a porn business brings in a lot of money into the pockets of the businessman.
Many people might have over reacted to some or the other incident life. This is a short story based on the above mentioned title.
Photography is yet another mean through which you can earn online. Photography has created job opportunities to several talented people across the globe.
Gunahalli is a village that comes under Koppal district in Karnataka. This is a unique village where every person has the same name.
It is a normal human tendency to waste food either if it is disliked or if the person is full. Another common nature is that the person makes such a fuss to and is not even willing to touch the food.
Love according to the dictionary means “affection” or “fondness”. Love may not necessarily have to be the bond between a boy and a girl. The feeling that arises when you see our parents, The feeling when members of Wikinut get by hearing the word “writing”, It is nothing b...
Cyanide is known to be the most poisonous substance on earth. It does causes sudden death on consumption not in seconds but in milliseconds.
In order to build muscular body many people chose steroids or protein shakes. There is no doubt that it rapidly boosts up the body growth. But keep it in mind that every short cut in life has its own risk
Masturbation is known as solo sex. It brings out immense pleasure due to the release of semen. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.
60 years since freedom, India is still being called a developing country. It is not that India is incapable of being developed. The fat is that scientific temper is not at l encouraged. There are 3 main things due to which India’s development is stationary. They are- corruption, edu...
Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. The number of people who use face book contribute to 39% of the total internet users.
Hypnosis is a state of consciousness one enters and leaves without self awareness in a daily routine. Hypnosis is a guided fantasy.It happens when a state of mind is achieved in which suggestions alter someone's awareness or memory. In this state your brain gives access to your Subcon...
An Indian festival is the festive occasion. Children dress up in their and woman make eloborate preparation to celebrate the occasion. Festivals come every now and then. The most important indian festivals are Dewali, Dusshera, Holi and Raksha bandhan. Diwali is infact the most import...
Technolgy is going way beyond hand. people usually have the habit of penning down notes on the paper and then they type the same on their PC/Laptop.
Whenever these 2 nations are mentioned in the same sentence “Rivals” is the first thing that strikes the readers. The fact is that India and Pakistan hate each other is known all over the world. My question is that “will they remain as enemies forever or will there be a good fut...
Anyone of you reading this article can actually visualize the scene only if you have visited countries like India and Pakistan. Starting from the railway stations to the very border of any region Hijras may come in picture.They are found in trains, traffic signals, shops and many more...
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