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James Henry Abrina
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What is a good liquid vitamin supplement – a practical yet less effective brand or an effective yet less practical one? Effectiveness, on top of price and content, should always be the utmost criteria, but why?
How confident are in your liquid vitamin supplement brand? What are the best and worst facts in liquid vitamin supplements that you should know?Here are some things that your frequent salesman might not have been telling you.
Lots of best-selling liquid vitamin supplements abound in the market but only few are worth your money. Given that all sales people promote their own products nonewithstanding actual performances, you have to do your own homework before gulping in some so called miraculous supplements...
Experts warn that although liquid vitamin supplements offer faster nutrient absorption to the body, its susceptibility to toxic level is also at a higher risk compared to the sold forms. Does it mean it is dangerous or will precautions suffice?
Many Americans use supplements even if not needed. Understandably though, everyone takes the issue of health very seriously and acts proactively by supplying with liquid vitamin supplements. But do you have the right reasons to buy or is it just a waste of money?
Companies of liquid vitamin supplements often brag about their manufacturing processes to be the latest cutting-edge technology or the most scientifically effective way to enhance chemical properties resulting to a “miraculous” concoction. But do they really matter as much as the ...
The debate over natural and artificial vitamin supplements goes on interminably. They have their own edge over one another. But the inconclusive result does not amount to indecisiveness. Know what natural liquid vitamin supplements really have to offer.
Buying liquid vitamin supplements can impose danger to your health if the source is not reliable. A single wrong footing in the market can lead you to scams and fake products so know how to buy safe liquid vitamins.
Enjoying your brand of liquid vitamin supplement and not feeling any side effects may clout your judgement along the way. Don’t be a programmed client of some lucrative businesses. Know the facts. Stop when needed.
How to know if you are overusing liquid vitamin supplements? Know your liquid vitamin intake or if you really need them in the first place.
Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSHA is a very important certification in the field of safety and health regulation in a company. Know its importance in your professional life.
Ninoy is a Philippine senator whose face is in the 500-peso bill. J-J-V triumvirate, also known as Josefa, Jose and Vic are the figures who appear in the 1000-peso bill.
This is my own interpretation of the best selling Christian series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.
Drinking moderately is socializing. Intoxicating is killing yourself socially. This is one reason why I'll never do it again.
Who said math and language can never meet? This is a poem about math and its elements
This is a book review of an underrated yet amazingly and intricately done pre- and post-war classic. Be stunned with the vivid mental picture of one of the best World War II classic.
This is a litany and twisted tips on handling unruly, and sometimes unethical public utility vehicles passengers. Though appealing to the humor of the reader, I take the ethical issues in public seriously.
This is my own interpretation of memories, reminisces, of living the life.
This is a short narrative story of simplicity amidst the complexities of life.
Incorporating Google Adsense account to your own site is foolproof. Application is easy which can take a little over two weeks. Millions now have their own accounts, but not everyone reaches a decent target enough to earn even just the minimum payout of $100. How can you effectively i...
The country's largest shopping mall and retail operator seems to be unfazed by tough economic standing, thus, SM Group's continuous expansion both locally and internationally. Is it a good thing for the business industry?
Physically challenged people tend to reject the idea of fitmess training. It may be hard, but it's not impossible. Here are some tips to keep fitness training easier for handicapped people.
Not meeting expectations in fitness training is the biggest obstucle to maintaining your spirit. Don't let disappointment set on you. Know when and how to expect what is practical and possible.
The outrage in the Philippines against the controversial art exhibit won, leading to the closure weeks before the scheduled end. Was the art really offending? Here is what I have to say.
Chocolate has been a part of courtship, anniversaries and lovers' tradition of gift giving for years. It even antedates the time when Valentine's Day first started sinking into the concsiousness of lovebirds. Learn why chocolate can help you improve your love life, if not get you one.
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