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I am originally from Indiana, and have always enjoyed writing. I do know how to generate a little money from recycling. I also enjoy writing some fiction.
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Explore your options. This is a much quicker method of earning money for writing articles.
Do you appreciate or even realize what you have? Did you even consider why you are even still here?
A tribute to Dr. Suess the ole cat in the hat! Scrat and fat.
I am a white male desperately in need of employment. I am 46 years old, living in the poorest county in Ohio.
This is a questionairre on the benefits of this Wikinut adventure.
This is about the regrets in life due to indecision and not believing in yourself.
This is a brief example of the importance of time.
This is a brief explanation of why the welfare system doesn't work.
Just a passing thought about time. It's never too late to change, while time is on your side.
Has your unemployment run out? Maybe your cash assistance has been terminated. Don't panic just yet. How many times have you thrown out some appliance for the garbage man to pick up? Yeah, you just chucked some cash to the curb. All metal is worth money. Granted you probably won't get...
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