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Mahesh Golani
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I am a good conversationalist. Travel a lot all over the country and the world. Like to share what i have gained from life. Sometimes I also love to listen and read. LOL
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Amitabh Bachchan may be a big star in India by virtue of his great acting abilities. The truth is - He is revered like God!
Sunny Leone is a very popular bi-sexual porn star of Hollywood, who is Indian by birth and wants to join Bollywood film industry.
Politics can be dirty in Indian States but for the central government the Indian populace is always certain. Rahul Gandhi will win elections in U.P. and then go on to become the youngest P.M. of India ever!
It was iin vogue to paint or tattoo the body all over with all types of colors. But now, the young have understood the perils of removing the tattoos which is unbearable!
New year resolutions are made and forgotten. Maybe we make them to forget. Not any more. I recommend 10 new year propositions for living a nice, healthy and perfect life.
Women were the darlings for men everywhere for centuries and centuries. Not any more. Men are caring more for cars than women these days. Read the following article if you do not believe this!
Stress is the major contributor to dull skin and skin deseases
Latest statistics reveal that a modern day man is more prone to anger.
Drinking of Camel's urine or that of a cow is very beneficial for over all health
India adds the population of Australia to its kitty every year. and that is not all
Katrina may be half British by birth and does not know how to speak Hindi, so what? She is a craze in India! She is the top selling actress in Bollywood today!
If you thought that only women get raped by men, then you are wrong. More men in the world are raped every minute than women! Now that must be a real surprise!
Why are so many innocent animals killed on earth by the human race? Do they have right to live or not?
India has won limited over cricket championship of the world. The youngsters in the team have delivered. Is this a sign of Young India championing its cause over the world!
Products that replace tobacco habit are fast flooding the Indian markets!
Is life to day just an accounts balance! Has it lost its instructive value? Is it to be measured only with money?
Sports and sports Management these days are two important aspects of all the people of the world, especially the youth. Taking part in sports- in any discipline should be a must. It fosters friendship, builds confidence, brings friends closer and develops self confidence and faith.
flying on a plane was always fun. But now a days- Its a boring adventure
The fear of flying is gone. Fly with your wings made of steel and fabric and take flight over meandering rivers, scenic valleys, green fields
Recent newspaper reports on pets and relationships indicate that, Men these days, show more love and affection for Dogs than women. Is it true?
Divorce is out of fashion in America. After 3o years, It on an all time low i The reasons are many.
When you go into maun, you conserve all your energies that proves very beneficial- every which way
Sujok is a new method adopted in Asia, mixing acupressure and acupuncture, to get better juices flowing, for better health improvement
Single women are no more scared to go to bars alone or with their girlfriends.
In the early times of eighties and nineties the foreign MBA schools were regarded as classy and easy Job clinchers. No more now. India has got much better, with great faculties and career prospects
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