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Students, in India, have experiences of being tortured by the teachers in the schools. Some of the teachers are in the noble profession of teachers although they are sadists. This content describes how corporal punishment is present in the educational centers of India even today.
When anyone gets power, political power to be definite, he wants to relish it and retain it. He cannot be happy with any form of views from others, free thinking and democracy. He considers that he knows each and everything, and that he knows better than any other person. This is the ...
Human beings are the most intelligent species in the animal world. They have done everything for their own comforts, and they have done great damage to nature of which they are just parts. Crisis of environment has started from this center. It is already late, and human beings have be...
Humans have experienced violence throughout the ages. History of mankind is replete with stories of bloodshed and loss of life and property. Nonviolence should be given a chance unless which it is impossible to build up a better tomorrow.
Of all the siblings of different species, the human ones require much attention and caring. Nevertheless, they are introduced with violence at the outset of their life. They are taught to accept violence, and they become violent sometimes. Nonviolence should be given a chance.
Cats draw your attention because of their beautiful fur and imperial gestures. The status of the cat in ancient Egypt was that of a goddess. In India, too, they have similar position. Let us read about the cat goddess in India and Egypt.
Women of India, it is said, have been held in high esteem. Our contemporary experience and experiences received through the ancient literature tell some different tale. This article aims at understanding status of women in India right from the days of the Indian Epics.
You are as independent as any one with a laptop added with internet. How you will acquire it even if your record of credit is discouraging? The finance market has made provisions for laptops loans bad credit for the benefit of the people who have made a mess in their credit record.
Romance is relishing, but break-up is sad. Something has gone wrong before you face a break-up in online relationship. It is your task to search what your role has been before you have reached to this point of no return. Should you not learn what your consideration should be in the f...
There are persons and organizations which are responsible for making a mess of everything in the American economics. Whether they will be identified and even be booked may be of course a million dollar question. America has been trapped. This article is an attempt to learn what has ac...
Summary: There are many wonderful destinations in India. India is famous for large number of people who are idol-worshipers. Gods and goddesses are worshiped in this part of the world. Kamakhya is one of the goddesses worshiped. This article is to describe the site of goddess Kamakhya...
It is an anthology of English poems, written between 2001 to 2009. There are sixteen poems altogether. Each poem has placed in separate pages. There are small and big pieces.
Men and women discover that they are in a new relation thanks to the internet. They feel that they are in love although they have never chanced to meet. This is a short article to find what happens when the fortunate two develop, one day, what is now called long distance relationship.
Bhuban is the Indian mapping application website. Bhuban was launched on 12th of August, 2009. It has been built up following Good Earth. It is claimed that Bhuban has more provisions than Good Earth.
Twenty years after the horrible gas tragedy at the Union Carbide factory near Bhopal, India, it is reported that Mr Anderson,the honorable CEO of the said MNC was helped in leaving India silently.
Indian people hear about political reformation from their leaders frequently. They have reasons to be worried, because they have terrible experience of economic reformation that has started from 1990.
Classroom shooting is not rare incidents in the schools or colleges, especially in USA. This content aims at finding out sources of violence in the developed society.
People of different countries have such notion that there is no food problem in America. This kind of notion is not correct. Hunger is very much present in the most developed country of the world.
On June 16, 2010, three tribal girls were killed at Pirakata in the Junglemahal region of West Bengal by the combined forces engaged in the Green Hunt Operation. A video footage of a tribal girl with her fore and back limbs tied to two ends of a bamboo and her lifeless body carried b...
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