Allen Paulson

Allen Paulson
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64 yr old poet, songwriter, lyricist. Wife Carlette. Tony 43, and daughter 35 Nicole. 3 grandchildren Tam, Ben, Merrick.
Have lived in Ames, Iowa since 1976. Army Vietnam Era Veteran.
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How the future is made by man's divine gift of thought and action.
God's will set in the ethers of matter, time, space, past and future of the world. White night formula solves all math and problems.
A short synopsis of my near death experience at 42 years of age
The Coldplays protect the sea mountain against their dragon foes.
The dying off of a one horse town in West Texas. The echoes of ole cowboys in Old Small Creek Texas where everything has changed except a lonely cowboy who still lives there.
A milky white poem flowing on the page about a cow and his love for grass and his love for humanity.
Getting started, the routine, the payoff, maintaining fitness level for life.
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