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iam a writer artist mainly focusing on writing music, maybe post other topics if this site is for me
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This is a song about the the dying music world of today.
This song is about looking inner to find solutions to fix the worlds complex problems if you any one doesn't understand the song I'm happy to explain.
In short this song is about my problems in worlds problems altogether
this is part two of self darkness the sequel read one
I was at a dark place when I wrote this sorry if its dark,theirs a sequel
The sequel to sad seal please read part one first so youll get it
the song about personal struggles, inward in outward
this song is about me wanting to keep on keepin on and give up at the same time.
my solitude is true is about me feeling that one understands me in how lonely I've become.
I'am educated on occultism in secret societys and how they run the world this song is about me wanting to join,but I know that I will end in failure because it's not that simple,and its evil.
Baby steps part two is the sequel in Baby steps please read one first
one of older songs from from my album theirs more
this song is about freedom individual in how the masses are being denied it at all cost
the last frame in the truly gifted vision saga finale please read the other parts first.
my squel in truly gifted vision,its part 5 please read the other parts first
the four sequel in my truly gifted song hope i get some views
truly gifted vision part three this song about my love for art and how it helped me,hurt me, and gave me deep insight,please read part one in two first please.
this is part two of truly gifted vison that i was talking about theirs more trust me.
This is my song truly gifted vison and it has many many many parts so start from part one please.
This song is about my inward pain in how no one's listen,and how i'm going insane and dying because of it.
This song is about my passion to be a artist in how this thing we call freedom is just really a lie.
my songs are a bit on the dark,gohtic side I have many songs that I will being publishing on this site.
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