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I am Vancouver real estate agent
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Five unique theatres in Vancouver every traveler (and Vancouverite too) should visit.
The days of crisis and monetary slowdown are finished; there is no reason for us to worry anymore, or is there? There are likely to be more challenges facing the Canadian economy than we thought.
Ever wondered if it is possible to land a reasonable price for a house in Vancouver these days? Read more.
Often, people make mistakes that can be easily avoided when preparing to sell a real estate property. My list of several common mistakes continues with a second part. Enjoy!
Selling your home can be a tense time, especially if you require every cent of your asking price to finance your move or your next home purchase. Whilst we try our best to show our houses in a good light, there are many pitfalls and many of us do not realize we have done anything wron...
Minor renovations and improvements are not necessary, but can bring a lot of market attention to your property.
Giving your home an exterior makeover is the most cost-effective and crucial step in adding value. When a potential buyer pulls up at your home this is the first thing they will look at, if it looks dirty and is in a mess this could put them off. If you are toying with the idea of sel...
Basement is often forgotten, when it comes to home improvement. But this is the space, which can let your creativity act free!
Relocating your home? Try to avoid the usual stress involved! This time, do it cool - we have few tips for you.
Canadian real estate market offers better results than US market, report finds.
Moving is a complex and complicated process. What insurance options do you have
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