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i'm a writer of emotional poetry,influenced & driven by music,nature,& personal writing is always centered around feelings.
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written for all the people out here,that have been consumed by cancer in there families,my take on this life that will never make sense to me,the best people in the world taken away from us by a disease that has no takes young and old alike...and the saddest thing is,t...
~in the head of emptiness is a fountain of creativity~ even inspite of these poems/lyrics of sadness i find a way to stay on a level playing field,this piece written more like a song than a poem,wrote this in ten minutes,so don't be to critical.
this poet that keeps everything inside,sometimes lashes out from time to time,this pice of work i created while listening to some dark goth rock,i'm heavily influenced by music in general,but the music laced with hurt and pain is my main motivation to write,combined with personal stru...
to be betrayed my the one person you trusted most,is the worst feeling you can go through,will you ever trust again?...after reading this maybe never again.
falling in love can be a feeling like nothing else,but when that person has other ideas in there head,it can be a slow downward spiral into a place you never thought exsisted.
when someone you thought you were in love with pushes you off a cliff for someone else,the hurt,the feelings you have can not even be described,never toy with another humans heart.
written for the many woman that get abused by boyfriends/husbands that are emotionally out of control,jealousy and obsession.
a poem about the most mysterious creature in the world~the wolf~my take on true companionship that lacks so much in this day and age.
written for a girl i met online,the game of trying to figure each other out can be half the fun,this one though..i wrote from the heart like many others i've written.
a self inspiring poem i wrote while kayaking on a peaceful pond,along with some creative juice.
just my take on a screwed up world,where money is the root to all evil,what are we all becoming?...robots.
i wrote this for myself to try and understand why some people come into your life,only to leave you with pain,regret and sorrow,sometimes we all feel like becoming a wolf to deal with the world around us.
a dark poem/lyrics that i created while lying in a dark room with nothing but your thoughts,words in my mind appeared, so i ran with it from there.
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