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The writings are informal attempts at documenting spiritual, mystical and philosophical concepts learned through self-experience.
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There are lessons to be learned from the sentient and non-sentient beings of our world and of our cosmos.
Is competition truly healthy, as it is often touted to be? Could it not be that we were meant to work as a team, and collectively benefit? Here's a look at the comparison.
We are conditioned to freely and unthinkingly make fun of others, and we often make derogatory remarks, all (very conveniently) under the guise of jest and humor. Perhaps we need to rethink before we hit the "forward" button on some of the messages and jokes receive - not just on our ...
Perception of truth, or of our inner nature, our inner reality, involves a process of negating that which is unreal, that which is not. Here's an attempt to depict the process.
Forgiving oneself is often felt to be challenging, and perhaps more difficult than forgiving others. Perhaps we need the right perspective to motivate us to know that we deserve this forgiveness.
What is righteousness? Is there a universal code governing it? Here's an attempt at a universal definition.
What does it mean to glorify god? Here are a few thoughts.
Why do we find so many reasons for initiating conflict. Are those reasons really valid? Universal love and brotherhood are innate in all of us - let's make an effort to rekindle those in us.
Spirituality is often confused with religion, and is oft misunderstood, oft maligned. Yet, spirituality in practice is not complex.
Has math done a number on you? Well, read on - you have company.
We have no control over external circumstances. However, we do have a propensity to blame everything other than ourselves, which then leads to a weakened state of mind. Is there a way out of this? Read on.
Freedom does not mean the ability to indulge in our whims and fancies. It does not indeed refer to the ability to cater to all our worldly desires. Here's a deeper look at what it could really mean.
An ode to young 'uns everywhere - a tribute to the joy, energy and merriness they bring into our lives.
We take pictures without so much as a second thought - we take pleasure in them. Why do we like pictures so much?
The road to eternal rewards passes through canyons and hills of toil, and the travel is aided by the presence of our brothers - silence and humility.
Without the presence of the noble qualities embodied in a woman, I posit that the cultures and economies of this world would not last long, and the political systems might well end up in a state akin to the law of the jungle.
It is all to easy to judge others. When we do that, we fail to see truth and beauty.
Ever had this? Long moments of perplexity, followed by, perhaps, longer moments of embarrassment.
The dichotomy of world and Self have captured and intrigued human spirit of inquiry for millennia. What is the source and causation of this perceived dichotomy?
Consciousness, mind, and body are superimposed, and this leads to misunderstanding of our true self. Here's a look at the mystical representation of the process.
Grace is commonly misunderstood. It is available every moment and everywhere, and is manifest all the time, if only we could awaken to it. It is more common than one might think.
A blind and brute-force fight against negative tendencies tends to result only in frustration and despair. Proper understanding of the nature of each negative tendency and the right strategy would lend greater confidence in our efforts toward overcoming them.
There are many apparent opposites and contradictions in life and in living. Yet, if we were but to look deeper, these contradictions are not only immediately dissolved, but the dissolution results in new understanding that is at the same time, sweet, beautiful, and profound.
Had your mug shot taken lately? Here's an attempt to blend mystery and humor related to that experience.
Have you ever wondered about the charm and origins of pate de foie gras? Well, wonder no more - read on.
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