Garry Snyder

Garry Snyder
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Born 1943, love the 1950's. Grad.H.S.1961.Some college and trade school and 1 year electronics training. Married to 2nd wife, Noreen Ann Snyder she introduced me to poetry. Consider poets our friends.
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Recent pages by Garry Snyder

A love poem about my Noreen and I - of our true love for one another. I hope that you enjoy this poem.
Here is another new poem that I just wrote about three days ago. I hope that you enjoy this one, too. Read it and read it again.
Here's a cute, short poem about a boy's first shave. Hope you enjoy this one.
This is a story poem about being trapped at a traffic light. This is not about me. I hope you enjoy this one.
A poem about life, making you ponder. I hope you enjoy reading this one, too.
Just another simple poem on writer's block. This is an haiku poetry form. Enjoy!
Here is another fun and cute short acrostic poem. I hope you enjoy reading it!
This is a collaboration poem that my wife, Noreen and I wrote together. I hope you enjoy this one, too!
A poem about the baby speaking to his or her mother. Very emotional poem.
This is another poem that makes you think. Don't accept anything but the truth!
Have you ever heard of a cat being smart that he might be part of the Mensa society? Well, you have now! Read what this smart cat says.
A poem about life and what I believe. I hope you enjoy this poem.
Two short poems-Deception of Law and Order & Our Babies, Our Children. I hope you enjoy these two.
Need a laugh? Well, read on for this will bring you a smile and make you laugh. I hope you enjoy this one!
This poem will make you think. If you have been there, then you will understand this poem.
These are two short love poems. I hope you enjoy reading these!
Here is another poem that will make you think. There is more than one meaning to this poem. I hope that you will like this one, too.
A poem that will make you ponder. Read it carefully. I hope you will like this one.
I wrote this poem from Nyla Alisia's photo poetry prompt on her facebook page...a photo of a guitar and this is the result of my poem. I hope you enjoy this poem!
A poem about death. We comfort the ones who are left grieving. Life goes on, no matter how much we missed our loved ones.
A simple poem about simple me and living a simple life. I hope you enjoy reading this one.
A romantic, love poem about my woman and I on the back porch. I hope you enjoy this poem!
This is a humor poem with a tricky twist. I hope you enjoy!
This is a poem about learning to play the violin. I hope you feel the music in it.
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