John Darling

John Darling
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I write short stories and articles and have five books in print. My articles are on all subjects, my stories of all genres.
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Okay, the movie is over, you are about to leave, but then you realize you want to see who the Best Boy was on this film. The what?
Before they were the famous, all bands had to do one thing first: Select a stage name!
Got a tumor from the US President Grover Cleveland? Hey, we have a museum for that!
Will you be ready when the world runs out of oil? Think of all the things you use that depend on oil.
We keep driving the human race to the edge of extinction...
With people desperate for work the world over, scammers are lining up to rip them off.
So what IS the best beer in the world? Join the party as three friends try to find out!
When the bees are all gone who will pollinate the plants?
What happens if you invite the President to dinner and he accepts?
I used to think I was free of being prejudged when it came to hiring...then I grew old.
If you smoke, you are committing suicide one butt at a time...
If you take the money, do the job well or don't take the money.
If you want to get your opinion out there and you do not want to be drowned out by the cacophony of voices on the Internet, use this guide to get published on the editorial page of your newspaper!
Sure, the USPS is bloated and often inefficient, but we need to keep it no matter what.
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