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A freelance teacher who specialises in Special Needs
Enjoys reading & writing on life issues,health,wellness and of insights into life...
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How do you build a team and keep it going? This article discusses effective management style in a different perpective.
The air-conditioner is an essential appliance nowadays – especially during the relentless summer heat. But are you aware that this hardworking machine shares a relationship with Fengshui principles too? Read on to find out more.
The Angkor Archaeological Park consists of many dozens of temple ruins built by the kings of the past glorious empire in dedication to their religious beliefs and/or powers. The ruins have seen through passages of time and are built in various designs influenced by Hinduism and Buddhi...
What and where is the Home? Do you consider your current place of residence your Home? What is your ideal home? Do old folks - frail and elderly have a choice on their homes?
What do you do if you see money on the ground? Would you be happy to pick it up or would you leave it. What would you do with the money that you've picked up?
What is the "Normal" life expectancy? You’ll be surprised to find out …
Be open to any experience that comes your way during travels. Get out of your comfort zone and free yourselves of expectations -- you'll gain valuable life experiences and not to mention a large personal collection of travelogues in your memory -- Good or Bad!
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