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I worked with an Manufacturing company for 15 years and now i am a full time trader . I like writing articles on different subjects and interact with people
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What should a stock market Index Be and what do the Ups And Downs of an Index mean. Some basic idea about Index and its importance.
Writing rubbish and low quality articles only to earn money is not I am looking for. Sites like Wikinut review the article, suggest some changes (if any) and then allows for publishing.
If you want to see the village life , pollution free air, and stunning beauty then kokan is the place for you to visit once in life time if you are outside india. Many of you planning to visit india must keep some time for this place
When it comes to trading there are lot of things we need to study and understand. Advertisements are seen saying start with no experience, but is it really worth doing this way ?
This show is very popular in india and rest of the world as well. The unique style of commenting on the people and celebrities is what makes this program even more popular. The format of this program is unique.
Having worked for more than 20 years after graduation, i decided to give up my job and thought of doing more earnings in a different way which i always like--(Trading in stock Markets)
Thinking continuously on present financial crisis won't help improve or maintain your health both physical and mental . Try doing something which i do when fell in some sort of tension , particularly with money crisis.
GDP is very important factory of any economic country. How it is calculated and what factors effect it are summarized in this article.
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