Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson
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I am a poet, most of my writing is poetry, but I also will blog on today's world around us from time to time.
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Time pushes our journeys into tomorrow. We all end up as we started, the same
As a human I have thoughts and ideas of how the actions and reactions of 9/11 has effected humanity. These are some
I often wonder about growing up and the world around me at that time, what has changed to make this world so different. It is the information highway that has been created over the years that has made it different. It has shown us things we once did not know of and somewhat made us ...
This is about friends growing apart in life and moving in different directions
I see things all around me that inspires me to write. I feel the most inspired by fall, the colors, the moons, the feeling of the air. All of these things lift my soul closer to what I call home, where all life comes from and goes back to.
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