N.G. Dian

N.G. Dian
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I love to write short stories, books. and poems.
N.G. Dian's e-books available at Smashwords.com; https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Nenendian
Happy reading!
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Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things, love and ideas.
I wrote this poem, and published in Authspot through Triond.
"A poignant reminiscence of a woman recalling how she lost her beloved, a man named Gary, who filled her soul with music and love. Now, elderly, lonely and depressed, she finds his guitar love melody returns one day in a surprising way to haunt her."
A vampire, deeply in love with a beautiful mortal, proves his love by attempting to restrain his natural, inhuman desires.
There is no long distance about love, because love is the soul bridge between two hearts.
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